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ISOFILL Vials powder filling line are designed to cover the full range of pharmaceutical vials, from 1 to 100ml, both glass and plastic. Max. Output 24,000 vials/h.

Rotary filling machine and Linear filling machine can provide according to the customer requirement. All filling machines can integrate filling, stoppering and capping station.

Rotary powder filling, stoppering and capping system

Linear powder filling, stoppering and capping system

  • Advantages

Air filling technology: simple, accurate, high-speed, and save product.


Air Filling nuzzle was designed by SUZUKI Japan. The filling accuracy up to +/- 1%.


Simple construction, easy for dismantle. Cleaning, sterilization and changing. Optional CIP/SIP for the filling dose and buffer tank can be provided.

Filling volume will be adjusted by Servo driven automatically.


50 mg to 75 grams in a single dose.


The dose can handle liquid filling for media testing and powder both, changing of the pump is not necessary.


The enclosed powder pathway, preventing possible external contamination. The dose has specially design and avoid the spread.


The whole system has not moving part so without particle generation.

ISOFILL provides fully barrier system for the Vials Powder filling line. Include ORABS/RABS+/CRABS and isolator. Normally many powders require sterile, low oxygen and low humidity conditions, and some powder is harmful for personal health and environment. So ISOFILL suggests the isolation technology is the best choice for the powder filling. Inside of the isolator, ISOFILL can provide the N2 for the low oxygen, CA for the low humidity, Safety HEPA filter for protection.

RTP technology will be used for the sterile transfer for powder, Stopper & capper and others Sterile/toxic materials into/out of the isolator. ISOFILL can provide the complete solutions.

The Customized IBC powder transfer tank with the RTP-BETA door, lifted by a 3-axis for connection with the rotary RTP-ALPHA door on the filling isolator, safety and close passageway for the sterile/toxic powder transferred into the isolator.

  • Other features

Fully SIEMENS servo Driving with Rotary

Linear or motion​

Automatically reject for the fall vials


Automatically count


No vials no fill

No vials no stoppering

No vials no capping

Dynamic weighing - 100%IPC (May reduce the capacity) (Option)

Inline sampling and Automatic reject nonconforming

Automatic filling volume adjustment


Overload protection for rotary table

Auto stopper and capper infeed (Option)

Monitoring for lack of Stopper and capper

Monitoring for the vials in the rotary table

Gas flushing before and after filling (Option)

Isolator can be provided if required

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