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Module cleaning room for pharmaceutical plant and laboratory.

Modem pharmaceutical industry and laboratory require the flexible and rapid solutions and minimize the risk of product and person.

Not only ISOFILL can provide the equipment, but only the turn-key modular facilities to ours customer. Some features as follows:

  • Standard sizes of containers and module design, very easy for trains, trucks and ships

  • Single-story and multi-story buildings, all materials are recyclable and reducing pollution.

  • Outdoor or indoor installation, for example install inside of the simple frame structure.

  • Dismantling, assembly and installation are very simple and easy. All connect for utilities are quick connector or tri-clamp type. Normally the only tool is wrench.

  • Complete sanitary design with sanitary material. Conformance to the cleaning room rules of pharmaceutical industry and bio-containment facilities.

  • The tightness of the module facilities is excellent, durability and easy for cleaning and sterilization.

  • Complex construction and equipment installation are not required. The delivery is very short and less than 6 months. The training, pre-qualiticalion and mimic production can be done in the ISOFILL's factory.

  • Fully isolation design. All equipment will be isolation type. This design will reduce the cost of cleaning room. Operation energy consumption and risk of production. The cleaning room can be Class C/D.

  • Fully automatic, integrated MES (Manufacturing Execution System), environmental monitoring system and CCTV

  • Can Integrate the sterilization and protection units for example VHP space sterilization system, air-light door, VHP transfer hatch etc.

  • Can integrate the power supply, HAVC, sanitary piping system and Wastewater collection and treatment system.

  • Fully validation documents and performance, Conformance to the CGMP/GLP rules and requirement of US FDA, EU and WHO.

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